#AEA Sessions

Our Most Watched Video!

Got any guesses as to which of our youtube videos is our most watched? I’ll give you a couple of […]

AEA Sessions
AEA Sessions: Trevor Lawrence Jr.

Trevor Lawrence Jr. is the featured artist in this drum-centric AEA Sessions.

AEA Sessions
AEA Sessions: Jay Som

Jay Som is the featured artist in one of our most unique AEA Sessions yet. Recorded entirely by the new supercardioid KU5A, Jay Som performs ‘Baybee’ from their 2017 album, ‘Everybody Works’.

AEA Sessions: Margaret Glaspy & Tyler Chester

Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy, delivers potent vocal renditions of Sarah Siskind’s ‘I do’ with a KU5A on vocals and amps.

AEA Sessions: Mason Stoops & Adam Levy

Guitar Duo, Adam Levy and Mason Stoops, perform their rendition of the Beatles Classic “Things We Said Today” with KU5A’s capturing their guitars.