NUVO Windscreen


The NUVO Windscreen is a custom designed foam windscreen that slips over the N22 and N8 microphones allowing you to use them up close on vocals without a pop-filter and outdoors for live sound reinforcement. The NUVO Windscreen was modeled with a transparent sound so the tonality of your mics remains relatively unchanged.

With the NUVO Windscreen, bands like the War On Drugs, Local Natives, and Andra Day are able to play outdoor festivals with their N8s and N22s without worrying about the safety of their ribbons.

The NUVO Windscreen is sold as a separate accessory and is also included in the NUVO Stereo Kit.

*Please note that we are unable to accept returns on windscreens for hygienic reasons. All sales are final. Thank you.*

Hear the N8s with the NUVO Windscreens in action on drum overheads.
Autolux performs at the outdoor music festival, Sasquatch.
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