The AEA TRP3 mic preamp utilizes our newest 3rd generation circuit design. This versatile, half-rack preamp provides two channels of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain with a rich and natural sound that brings out the full potential of your microphones.

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TRP3 Preamp Overview

  • Two-channel, high-gain, half-rack mic pre
  • Ultra-high 68KΩ input impedance (phantom power off)
  • 7 to 85 dB of gain
  • 48V phantom and polarity switch
  • HPF switchable -3dB at 115 Hz or 230 Hz
  • External PSU
  • Optional rack ears (for one unit) or rack shelf (two units) for mounting purposes

Enhance Your Ribbons

The AEA TRP3 Ribbon Preamp provides two channels of high-output, high-impedance, and low-noise gain with a rich and natural sound that brings out the full potential of your microphones.

Specifically designed for ribbon microphones, the TRP3 excels at drawing out the warmth and lush sound that ribbons are uniquely known for. Our 3rd generation circuitry is the cleanest and most musical design we've done yet.

Small, But Mighty

The TRP3 is a half-rack powerhouse that provides unparalleled high gain with low-noise. With 85db of output, the TRP3 gives you enough juice to record soft sources without ever having to worry about noise.

Passive ribbons and other low-level sources require preamps that supply a high level of output. Without enough clean gain, low-level mic signals can sound too soft or too noisy. This noise can be especially evident when recording quieter instruments (acoustic guitars, strings), recording at a distance or when using long cable runs.

With the TRP3, you will never consider a source too quiet to record with a ribbon mic ever again.

Professional Features in a Compact Package

Designed for ribbons but well-equipped for condenser and dynamic microphones alike, the dual-channel TRP3 delivers all the gain power of our RPQ3 in a more compact, half-rack package.

The TRP3 offers all the classic features of the TRP and TRP2 with the added benefit of an up-to-date circuit design, upgraded components, more straightforward control markings and a dual-option high-pass filter for repeatable proximity effect taming.

The TRP3 faithfully reproduces even the smallest details of microphones, voices, and other sound sources. Great for stereo pair recording, easily recallable settings, and capturing true-to-source sound, the TRP3 is a simple yet versatile tool.

A Universal Power Supply

The TRP3 includes an external switching power supply with a grounded AC plug that keeps hum fields away from the high-gain electronics.

This power supply allows the TRP3 to be used in any country without any modifications made to the unit.

Racking THE TRP3

The TRP3 is housed in a portable and lightweight half-rack aluminum chassis that allows you to easily take it to remote gigs, other studios, and on the road. AEA manufactures optional racking gear for convenient use in rackmount furniture.

A single TRP3 can be easily racked with TRP3 Rack Ears. Rack two TRP3s side by side with a TRP3 Rack Shelf. These assemblies can be securely installed in any standard rack.

Exceptional Preamps

The worlds best microphones, coupled with AEA’s range of transparent preamps, are the key choice for discerning recordists who want total control over their signal path

AEA offers the RPQ3, RPQ500, TRP3 and TRP500 microphone preamps, all of which provide clean gain and ultra high impedance to open up the sound of your microphones. All AEA Ribbon Preamps all share the same topology and sound. The differences between each unit come down to extra EQ features and form factor.

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