With a proprietary circuit design by Fred Forssell and a superclean Lehle step-down transformer, the ultra-transparent TDI can capture outstanding sonic performances with minimal distortion, noise interference, and signal loss from long cable runs.

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TDI Overview

  • Super clean and musical circuit design
  • Compact, road-ready design with rugged durability
  • 20 dB pad, ground lift switch, and paralleled throughput
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Simple, straightforward design

Inspired by our straightforward design philosophy and our desire to offer an outboard DI alternative, we created the AEA TDI.

The phantom-powered TDI offers a passive THRU-put connection which allows the user to send incoming instrument signal to other instrument-level sources (amplifiers, pedals, etc.). This throughput feature, paralleled to the INPUT, is also useful for simultaneous wet/dry signal tracking.

The TDI pairs well with passive instruments (i.e. guitars, basses, piezo pickups) but, with a 20 dB pad, it can also handle signals from active instruments, synths, or speakers.

Reviews of AEA's TDI

“This new direct box designed by Fred Forssell is a thing of elegance in design and sonic beauty. With a ten megohm input impedance this circuit has gobbs of headroom.”

– Paul duGré, Engineer/Mastering Engineer (Vitamin String Quartet, Leo Kottke, Los Lobos) read the full review

“It’s easy to do great work when you have great tools. The AEA TDI sounds incredible. It’s built like a tank, and it easily put my other DI’s in the bottom drawer.”

– Roger Alan Nichols, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer & Mixer (Hayley Williams, Steven Tyler, Tracy Nelson, Larkin Poe) read the full review

“This new active DI from AEA captures direct signals with great clarity and a full frequency response, without any harshness. Whether I’m capturing a return from a tape echo or spring reverb, or a guitar, bass or keys DI to re-amp later, this is my go-to DI box.”

– Ben Tolliday, Engineer (Lord Huron, Hozier, Alanis Morissette) read the full review
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