AEA Sessions: Margaret Glaspy & Tyler Chester

I Do

Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy, delivers a potent vocal rendition of Sarah Siskind’s ‘I do’ into AEA’s new supercardioid KU5A. Bathed in the soft light of the chandeliers at Hollywood Forever’s Masonic Lodge, Glaspy sings Siskind’s words of slow healing in the wake of a relationship’s end.

The KU5A is the ideal ribbon microphone for vocals because of its acute directionality and extended top end. As a near-field ribbon with restrained proximity effect, it is also highly effective on speaker cabinets. The KU5A is featured on guitar, keyboard amps and vocals for this session, as well as the near-field N22, which captures the fullness and detail of the bass amp.

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA KU5A - Vocals
  • AEA KU5A - Keys
  • AEA N22 - Bass
  • AEA R88 - Room
  • RPQ500 Preamps
  • RME UFX+ Converters
  • Reaper @ 96k/24bit
Tricks of the Trade
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