How To Record Vocals with the KU5A

A Ribbon Made for Center Stage

No ribbon mic is better suited to capture vocals than the supercardioid KU5A. Its focused, end-address directionality and superb rejection allow it to be used in any sound environment, live and in-studio, indoor and outdoor. Vocal performances captured by the KU5A benefit from extended top-end clarity, balanced low-end response, and AEA’s signature ribbon warmth.

Listen to Female Vocals with the KU5A
High-Pass Filter

The KU5A is equipped with an integrated high-pass filter that can be engaged by an external switch. This switch, designed with vocalists in mind, engages the mic’s ‘near-field’ mode. When the high-pass filter switch is engaged, vocalists can sing directly into the front grille of the KU5A without excessive proximity effect impacting the signal. Vocalists who are more familiar performing into condensers or dynamics will have no trouble adjusting to the working-distance and rejection of the KU5A.

The KU5A’s proximity effect impacts sources within three inches of its grille, providing a vocal performance with low-end warmth. To lessen this effect, one can move the KU5A farther from the source or engage the KU5A’s integrated high-pass filter.

Listen to Female Vocals with the KU5A with the High Pass Filter and Pop Screen
Listen to Male Vocals with the KU5A
Listen to Male Vocals with the KU5A with the High Pass Filter and Pop Screen
The Ribbon is Protected
Multiple layers of fabric and foam between the outside grille and the ribbon of KU5A make it the most protected mic in the AEA line. As an additional measure to prevent damage from moving air or interference from plosives, AEA offers a custom pop screen which fits securely of the KU5A’s front grille.
Ribbon Mics

The KU5A’s supercardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted room reflections and bleed from other instruments, allowing engineers greater freedom to position the KU5A within complex sonic environments.

In the video below, Scary Pockets, an incredible funk band based in Los Angeles, records live in a small room with the KU5A on lead vocals. Even with a blazing loud band behind singer Reeve Carney, his vocals sound smooth and pristine.

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