AEA Sessions: Mason Stoops & Adam Levy

These AEA Sessions videos feature a guitar duet rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Things We Said Today’ and the American classic ‘Ragtime Cowboy Joe’, performed by duo Adam Levy and Mason Stoops of Kibi Dango. From a cozy, wood-walled home, the performers deliver a surf-jazz version of these classic tunes, recorded up-close by the supercardioid KU5A while an R88 captures room sound from afar. All microphones run through the TRP2 and RPQ2 preamps.

Things We Said Today

Ragtime Cowboy Joe

The Charm of Distance

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA KU5A - Electric Guitar
  • AEA R88 - Room
  • AEA RPQ2
  • AEA TRP2
  • RME UFX+ Converters
  • Nuendo @ 48k/24bit
The AEA Sessions

AEA’s own recording series featuring our favorite artists.

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