AEA Sessions: Trevor Lawrence Jr.

Drum Sketch No. 1

At Nest Recorders in Los Angeles, California, veteran drummer/percussionist Trevor Lawrence Jr. lays down dynamic improvised drum sketches while AEA ribbon mics listen in on the action. Trevor Lawrence Jr.’s mastery of his instrument is undeniably evident as he navigates countless styles, feels, and tempos. AEA ribbon mics are ideal for recording drums and percussion because of their natural tonality and satisfying high-end roll-off.

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA KU5A - Kick (Batter Side)
  • AEA KU5A - Snare Top
  • AEA N8 - Overhead L
  • AEA N8 - Overhead R
  • AEA R44CXE - Drummer Perspective
  • AEA R88mk2 - Room L
  • AEA R88mk2 - Room R
  • Converter: Antelope Orion 32
  • DAW: Cubase @96k | 24bit
AEA Sessions: Margaret Glaspy & Tyler Chester

Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy, delivers potent vocal renditions of Sarah Siskind’s ‘I do’ with a KU5A on vocals and amps.

The AEA Sessions

AEA’s own recording series featuring our favorite artists.

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