AEA Sessions: Jay Som


Jay Som is the featured artist in one of our most unique AEA Sessions yet. Recorded entirely by the new supercardioid KU5A, Jay Som performs ‘Baybee’ from their 2017 album, ‘Everybody Works’. From the cozy comfort of a living room-turned-practice space, Jay Som demonstrate a playful, but precise chemistry.

The sharp directionality of the KU5A allows an entire band like Jay Som to record live and in close proximity without excessive bleed or room tone. It gives engineers and artists a unique combination of superb directionality and warm ribbon tonality in an active, road-ready form factor.

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA KU5A - Vocals
  • AEA KU5A - Guitar
  • AEA KU5A - Bass
  • AEA KU5A - Drums
  • AEA KU5A - Synth
  • AEA R88 - Room
  • RPQ500 Preamps
  • RME UFX+ Converters
  • Reaper @ 96k/24bit
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