Tim Reitnouer / Sara Watkins

“AEA’s reputation precedes them, so it was no surprise to me when I tried the N22 that it captured inputs with incredible warmth, clarity, and realism. Beyond the reliably beautiful sound, my favorite part of using the N22 in a live setting is watching house engineers’ expressions change from slight suspicion upon pulling the N22 out of its case, to surprise and approval once we start sound checking. Ribbon microphones have at times had a negative stigma in the world of live audio, but when you’re charged with accurately reproducing the inputs presented to you on stage you should be open to using any tool available. Ribbon mics are certainly part of my toolbox, and AEA makes some of the best.”

-Tim Reitnouer

Tim Reitneouer works primarily as a live sound engineer and has toured as the front of engineer house for many acts including Sara Watkins, I’m With Her, Noah Pikelny, and Noah Gundersen.
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