Chris Sorem

“AEA Mics make everything sound larger than life, they capture harmonic information like nothing else. Now that I have heard them, I couldn’t Imagine working without them.”

– Chris Sorem

 Chris is a studio and live sound engineer, producer, and mixer based in Los Angeles. He owns and runs Nest Recorders in East LA.
Jake Aron / Grizzly Bear, Jamie Lidell, Solange

“The RPQ500 has left me reaching for a ribbon over a dynamic mic every time I record guitars.”

Jeff Ballard / Brad Mehldau, Ray Charles

“The [N8s] sound absolutely phenomenal!! It’s shocking to tell you the truth. The mic sound is so honest, so close to what the drums sound like. I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Jeff Tweedy / Wilco

“I love the AEA N22. We’ve used it on almost every electric guitar track I’ve recorded since getting that mic…”