Jeff Ballard / Brad Mehldau, Ray Charles

“The [N8s] sound absolutely phenomenal!! Really. Pete Rende is recording the tour for me. And each night is a different venue, a different country, and a different scene which he must navigate in, and each night the recordings sound like we’re in the best room you could ever ask to record in. It’s shocking to tell you the truth. The mic sound is so honest, so close to what the drums sound like. I couldn’t be more satisfied. All the guys in the band are blown away by the recording quality.”

– Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard is an American jazz drummer from Santa Cruz, California. He has played with Ray Charles, Pat Metheny, Reid Anderson, Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, Miguel Zenon, Eli Degibri and plays periodically with Chick Corea in many groups such as Origin and the Chick Corea New Trio.
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