Jake Aron / Grizzly Bear, Jamie Lidell, Solange

“The RPQ2 opens my ribbons up in a really interesting way. I was really surprised to hear how awesome things were sounding up top and way low with mics I thought I really knew well. I can capture space more easily and get sub quickly, from mics I would have written off before!”

“The RPQ500 has left me reaching for a ribbon over a dynamic mic every time I record guitars. Treat yourself right. Say yes to ribbons.”

-Jake Aron

Jake Aron is an audio engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked on records ranging artists as diverse as Grizzly Bear, Jamie Lidell, and Solange.
How To Record Vocals With the R44
Chris Taylor / Grizzly Bear

“The R44 through the RPQ2 is one of my favorite chains lately. It sounds absolutely incredible…”

How To Record Your Room With the R44