Olivia Kuper Harris Performs “Where Did I Go?” (Jorja Smith)

Olivia Kuper Harris covers the Jorja Smith song “Where Did I Go”, with her own unique spin on it. She delivers her incredible rendition into an AEA KU5A. A variety of AEA mics capture the rest of the ensemble, including N22s on toms, N22s as drum overheads, an R88 in the middle of the ensemble, a R44 CXE behind the drums set, a pair of N8’s on piano, and a R84 on the Saxophone.

Olivia Kuper Harris Performs “Where Did I Go” by Jorja Smith
AEA Sessions: Mason Stoops & Adam Levy

Guitar Duo, Adam Levy and Mason Stoops, perform their rendition of the Beatles Classic “Things We Said Today” with KU5A’s capturing their guitars.

Tricks of the Trade
Using Ribbons In Small Rooms
AEA Sessions: Margaret Glaspy & Tyler Chester

Singer-songwriter, Margaret Glaspy, delivers potent vocal renditions of Sarah Siskind’s ‘I do’ with a KU5A on vocals and amps.