Chris Koltay / War On Drugs, Deerhunter

“AEA mics are my first line of defense in the war against boring, sterile sounds. You will not find a finer example of the intersection of craftsmanship and sonic truth. They are, without a doubt, the most essential mics in my locker. Except they’re never in the damn locker because I never take them off of the stands!”

– Chris Koltay


Born in Toledo Ohio in 1971 Chris Koltay developed and affinity for rock and roll and sonics at an early age. A rogue captain in the sea of sound, he ended up at the venerable Ultrasuede Studios after a brief stint at the University Of Cincinnati. Koltay soon became the house engineer at Ultrasuede after training under the likes of John Curley, Dave Davis, Steve Girton, and Gary Shell. Many great records were made in this space. Koltay started High Bias Recordings at 4731 Chase Avenue in Cincinnati and in 2001 Koltay made the move to Detroit and opened High Bias at its current Michigan Ave address where it exists today. Somewhere in the late 90s live sound entered the picture and Mr Koltay still tours to this day. Clients include: Deerhunter, The War On Drugs, No Age, Shigeto, Liars, Women, METZ, Protomartyr, Slasher Flicks, etc. Continuing along these lines Koltay has added writing to the mix, writing Gear reviews for Tape Op. In addition he is a part time employee of EarthQuaker Devices doing trade shows and mild product development. r Koltay is also the occasional DJ for hire. Lastly he makes your typical harmonically rich drone music via modular synth under the pseudonym KOLTAY.
Tricks of the Trade
It’s Time to use your Ribbon Mics Live 
The War on Drugs Perform With Ribbons Live at Bonnaroo
Adam Granduciel / The War On Drugs

“The N8’s and the N22’s have become pretty much the standard for both the band’s touring set up and day to day recording in my studio.”