Adam Granduciel / The War On Drugs

“The N8’s and the N22’s have become pretty much the standard for both the band’s touring set up and day to day recording in my studio. As a Mono or stereo drum overhead, the N8 has become a no-brainer. I solo’d a mono N8 last week and it sounded like ‘Us and Them.’ Not bad!!

The N22 is my first and usually final choice if I’m micing my HIWATT live on a stage or my Princeton or AC30 in the studio. Really special mics and a really special company.”

-Adam Granduciel

Adam Granduciel is the frontman and primary songwriter/producer of the band ‘The War on Drugs’. Granduciel also was a member of Kurt Vile’s backing band ‘The Violators’ for a few years. He has recorded on four albums with Kurt Vile and three with ‘The War on Drugs’, with a fourth on the way this year.
Jeff Tweedy / Wilco

“I love the AEA N22. We’ve used it on almost every electric guitar track I’ve recorded since getting that mic…”

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Audio samples and techniques for tracking electric guitar with the N22.

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