Aaron Sterling

“I absolutely love AEA and every mic they have to offer. If you come to my studio, you’ll find the N8 situated right above my head as a mono overhead mic and the R84 next to my desk as an all purpose percussion mic. And the reality is that sometimes these mics end up being responsible for 80% of my entire sound in a track.”

– Aaron Sterling

Aaron Sterling drummer, producer, engineer, and session musician who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Since 2011, Aaron Sterling has played drums and percussion for recording artist John Mayer. He was the drummer on the Born and Raised and Paradise Valley albums and played in the band for Mayer’s 2013-2014 World Tour.
Justin Pizzoferrato / Pixies, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.

“The RPQ500 lets my ribbon microphones be themselves without too much unwanted color and noise”

Steve Albini / Nirvana, Pixies, Breeders

“Whatever, these mics are terrific and I like them a lot.”

Adam Granduciel / The War On Drugs

“The N8’s and the N22’s have become pretty much the standard for both the band’s touring set up and day to day recording in my studio.”

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