AEA Sessions: Dan Schnelle – Papa Jo

Dan Schnelle channels his inner Papa Jo Jones

Dan Schnelle embodies the exuberant spirit of pioneer jazz legend “Papa Jo Jones” in this AEA Session.

With a simple setup of an R84 on mono overhead and bass drum, and the R88 stereo mic on far room, powered with AEA RPQ500 preamps, every detail of Schnelle’s intricate rhythmic taps and patters are captured.

As Papa Jo said, “Always start basic and you’ll never go wrong. After you have control of your instrument, you can do whatever you wish.”

Watch Dan Schnelle perform “Papa Jo”
This video has no audio effects or processing.

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA R84 - Mono Overhead
  • AEA R84 - Kick
  • AEA R88 - Room Miking
  • RPQ500 - Preamps
  • RME Fireface UFX
  • Nuendo 4 @ 96k/24bit
About The Artist

Dan Schnelle is one of the most talented, in-demand drummers in the Los Angeles area. Known for an intuitive ability to provide precisely what is necessary for each performance, Schnelle understands how to make other musicians comfortable, while bringing enough of the unexpected to his playing to keep it consistently exciting. Unsatisfied with the idea that the drum set is merely a time-keeping device, Schnelle is thoughtful about how this unique instrument, with its nearly limitless variety of sounds, can be tastefully and effectively deployed in a wide variety of musical situations.

Years spent collaborating with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles (and beyond) have earned him a reputation as a hard-working, professional, and creative team player; one who is, above all, committed to musical excellence. A list of collaborators include: Josh Nelson, Daniel Rosenboom, Anthony Wilson, Laurence Hobgood, Walter Smith III, Joshua White, Sara Gazarek, Larry Goldings, Philip Dizack, Dayna Stephens, Larry Koonse, Ben Wendel, Nick Mancini, and more.

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