AEA Sessions: Clinton Patterson – From Inside

Dynamic vocals and twangy guitar blues

Singer-songwriter Clinton Patterson performs his original tune, “From Inside”, in this AEA Session. Outfitted with an R84A on vocals, N22 on guitar amp, and R88 for room, the ribbons capture Clinton’s subtle vocal dynamics and raw, twang-y blues.

Watch Clinton Patterson perform “From Inside”
This video has no audio effects or processing.

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA R84A - Vocals
  • AEA N22 - Guitar Amp
  • AEA R88 - Room
  • RME Fireface UFX
  • Nuendo 4 @ 96k/24bit
About The Artist

Raised by a colorful family of southern lawyers, teachers, socialites, gourmets, and gentlemen farmers, Clinton Patterson was brought up with a strong sense of place and a taste for fine cuisine and fine music. It’s an old southern sensibility blended with modern imagination and possibility that informs his perspective and his music. Now based in Los Angeles, Clinton works as a songwriter, record producer, instrumentalist, and a teaching artist. He starts with the soul and mysticism of the South and blends it in unexpected ways with music from far places, that have found their way to Los Angeles.

As a teaching artist, Clinton works to bring what is essential to our American music heritage into the classroom, and he also searches for those ideas from other traditions that can help us develop further. Collaborators include: Moby (as songwriter), Charlie Haden (as trumpet soloist), Bennie Maupin (as trumpet soloist), Woody Jackson (as trumpet soloist), Sheela Bringi (as producer, instruments, vocal). He has taught at Aspire Public Schools, artworxLA and Academia Avance. He earned his MFA in Music from the California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles.

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