How To Record Violin and Viola with the KU5A

The KU5A is ideally equipped to capture the sound of string instruments whether live, in the studio, or in the middle of a full orchestra. With its supercardioid polar pattern, near-field design, balanced low-end, and extended top-end, the KU5A excels at capturing the sound of your instrument while limiting room reflections.

Ribbon Mics

When recording solo violin or viola, try positioning the KU5A between 1 and 4 feet above the instrument. Within that range, moving the KU5A closer to the instrument increases low-end proximity effect, while pulling it back, or angling it away lessens potential low-end build up. The difference in tonality between 1 to 4 feet can be very drastic, but depending on the sound you are going for, both can sound great.

This same technique can be applied to recording a violin player or any instrument playing within an orchestra. In the past, this has been difficult due to the figure-of-8 polar pattern in most ribbons. The KU5A allows you to close-mic any important and primary players in any recording situation.

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