Ronan Chris Murphy / King Crimson

“I mix a lot of records for independent artists and singer-songwriters. I tried the AEA N22 on a wide range of sources and it always sounded good, which means that artists recording with the N22 will never deliver a bad sounding recording to me! The mic has a thickness and body that sounds very natural and that works great on instruments that can use a bit of heft and rounding off.”

– Ronan Chris Murphy

Ronan Chris Murphy is a multi-genre record producer and engineer that works around the world. His diverse album credits include Gwar, King Crimson (several albums), Terry Bozzio, Steve Morse, Ulver, Pete Teo, Jamie Walters and hundreds more. His video game credits include Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood and Mafia III and he recently mastered the score album for Jordan Peele’s hit film “Get Out”. He works in studios around the world as well as his own studio, Veneto West, just outside of Los Angeles.
Ronan also pioneered many concepts in alternative recording education with his recording business, Recording Boot Camp, which offers workshops and consulting around the globe, and he created the worlds first audio blog/podcast with Ronan’s Recording Show.
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