Kevin Rice/ Mic Posner, Christina Perri

“The R88 is my go to mic for drums. As an overhead It captures the crisp detail I need on snare and cymbals but also grabs a really pleasant and usable low end from the kick & toms. I find myself mixing with mostly R88 for the meat of the drum sound and just bringing in the close mics for a bit of punch in the mix. As a drummer / engineer I love that the R88 is phase coherent, just point and shoot and you’re good to go. That way I can just worry about the important stuff like making interesting music.”

-Kevin Rice

Kevin is a drummer/producer/composer who has worked with multi-platinum artists Mike Posner, Christina Perri, as well as The Virgins, Blondfire, and many more. Collector of vintage cassette recorders, scrap heap synths, and anything lo-fi. Former New Yorker currently based in Los Angeles.
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