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Jeremy Zuckerman / Legend of Korra, Echo Society

“I use the N8 and N22 on just about everything at this point. Their silky, smooth, yet detailed sound gets me a great recording that sits well in the mix every time, whether I’m recording strings, guitar, piano, winds, voice… They’re extremely musical and have become an integral part of my sound. ”

– Jeremy Zuckerman

In the following audio clip, composer Jeremy Zuckerman chose an R88 to capture the lush sound of an entire orchestra at the outdoor music festival, Playfest, in Malaga, Spain. An AEA N22 was blended in as a focus mic to capture solely the Ehru. In the following audio clip, everything is captured–including the sound of the ocean, a crying baby, the loud audience, and the beautiful sound of the orchestra.

Listen to Jeremy Zuckerman’s live score for the Legend of Korra.

In the following audio clip, composer Jeremy Zuckerman chose an N8 to capture the sound of the violin and an N22 to capture the viola.

Listen to Jeremy Zuckerman’s theme, “The Rules” for “Scream: The TV Series”

Jeremy Zuckerman is an Emmy Award-winning composer and musician whose diverse body of work includes music for film, television, theater and dance, traditional Chinese music, electroacoustic music, and concert music.
Jeremy is the musical voice behind several TV series including The Legend of KorraAvatar: the Last Airbender, and MTV’s Scream. He has also worked on nature/conservationist documentaries. Jeremy’s unique scores have earned many accolades including two Emmy Award wins and several nominations; invitations to speak as a guest panelist to packed rooms at ComicCon; and the distinction of being a featured composer at the Playfest music festival in Malaga, Spain.
Jeremy is a founding member of the Los Angeles composer collective The Echo Society and has written several chamber pieces for their ongoing concert series. Jeremy has been awarded artist grants by the American Composer’s Forum, the Djerassi Residency, and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.
Jeremy is based in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife, his two kids, a mass-murderous cat and Ziggy Stardust (their dog).
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