Greg Norman / Electrical Audio

“Those [N8s] are getting tried on everything. I love the durability and eq of it. I’ve been a fan of using it on bass amps, and brass actually. When I pair it with our Ampex 351s, it’s the perfect combo (the rebuilt 351 preamp adds about 1.5dB at around 16kHz). With that, I’ll use it as drum overheads or room mics. I feel like its strengths lie in the low mid-high mid region, and that it doesn’t hype the 10-15k like other new mics.”

– Greg Norman

Greg Norman is the Staff Engineer and Head Technical Officer of Electrical Audio, Steve Albini’s studio. Greg, who’s originally from the suburbs of Chicago, graduated from California Maritime Academy with a degree in recording. Greg has worked at Electrical since 1996 and has engineered many records there.
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