David Gaume / Local Natives, Autolux

“I wouldn’t call many of my tools “indispensable”, but the NUVO N8 and N22 microphones have earned that distinction. They seem to pick up pleasing character and intimacy to sources while leaving out the squirrely harshness of guitar amps and shrillness of cymbals. I’ve not found a more complete sounding sax mic. They sound great flat, and handle additive EQ amazingly – it’s difficult to make a harsh sound on these if you tried, which allows me to put stunning detail and character directly in the listener’s face. At a festival last summer, a freak storm blew the tarps right off of our gear and my five Nuvo’s were exposed to an hour of 60-80mph wind and heavy rain. They worked perfectly the next day and have ever since. These are not the delicate ribbon mics you need to baby in the studio. I trust them as much as any component in my show. ”

– David Gaume


David Gaume is an audio engineer from Kansas City. He is known for his live work with Autolux, Local Natives, Moses Sumney, and FIDLAR.
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