Cole Nystrom / Michael Jackson, Macy Gray

“The AEA NUVO microphones are my goto ribbon mics. Very versatile, open and can handle a huge SPL beating. The N22 has continued to give me some of the best guitar tones and horn tones that are very forward and open. The N8 is a great open ribbon but is so fat and warm at the same time. N8’s are hands down best room mic’s I have ever heard. Also great on strings, fat horn tones, and killer acoustic guitar tones.”

-Cole Nystrom

Growing up in a rural part of Northern California, Cole Nystrom naturally gravitated to music at a young age. First as a curious fan, then as a seasoned musician. Cole deeply immersed himself in musical possibilities that culminated in multiple fields of study. He simultaneously studied professional drumming, production, and engineering programs at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA. Rapidly emerging from school he landed an Assistant position at the world class Echobar Studios, alongside seasoned multi-platinum engineers Bob Horn and Erik Reichers.
Cutting his chops on an array of sessions from the likes of metal bands ‘Tribe’ and ‘Black Oil’, to assisting on recording sessions for Charlie Sheen’s show ‘Anger Management’. With an insatiable desire to learn more, and the blessings of his mentors, Cole decided to change gears when the opportunity arose to assist Grammy winning, multi-platinum hit mixer Dave Pensado in 2013.
When assisting Dave in both the studio and on his weekly broadcast of Pensado’s Place, Cole has picked up tricks of the trade that you could not learn anywhere else. Cole continued to assist Dave for a few months after moving into his own studio, La Cabana, in North Hollywood in 2015. He has since worked on projects such as Fatman Scoop, Machel Montano, Jem Cooke and has been nominated for the best ‘Tracking Engineer’ at the 2015 Pensado Awards.
Since then Cole has quickly established a reputation for turning out stunning, major label quality work for a very loyal clientele of his own. He has been busier than ever working on a variety of projects with his multi faceted skill set. Engineering, Mixing, and Producing every day using top shelf gear, in award winning facilities, and providing world class results you can rely on.
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