AEA Sessions: Madison Cunningham – Beauty Into Clichés

Madison Cunningham performs “Beauty Into Clichés”

On her new single, ‘Beauty Into Cliches’, singer/songwriter and guitarist, Madison Cunningham, sings of the relentless expectations the world foists on women and girls. Her solo performance of the song is the feature of this latest installment in the AEA Sessions video series, in which we follow her through fancifully decorated rooms full of color and texture set to the shifting dynamics of her guitar and voice.

A near-field N22 captures the clarity and detail of Madison’s guitar playing, while the supercardioid KU4 records her voice. A stereo R88 runs through a TRP2, capturing the ambient sound of each room.

Behind the Scenes

  • Vocals: AEA KU4 - RME Babyface
  • Room: AEA R88mk2 - TRP2 Preamp
  • Guitar: AEA N22 - RME Babyface
  • Converters: RME Babyface
  • DAW: Nuendo @ 96k/24bit
About The Artist

Madison Cunningham is a singer-songwriter from Orange County, CA reminiscent of the great songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley. Her raw emotional songwriting attracted producer Tyler Chester and together they released her debut EP, Love, Lose, Remember, in early 2017. 

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