AEA Sessions: Connor Vance – Fiddle Medley

Fiddling in the lion's den

This AEA Sessions video demonstrates how effectively the NUVO N8 captures the direct sound of strings with the added dimension of a room. Seated on steps of the LA Zoo’s old lion’s den, Connor Vance gives a spirited fiddle performance while the N8 and R88 impart their warm, smooth big ribbon sounds.

Connor Vance perform “Fiddle Medley”
This video has no audio effects or processing.

Behind the Scenes

  • AEA N8 - Fiddle
  • AEA R88 - Room Miking
  • Roland Edirol R44 Mobile Recorder
About The Artist

Connor Style Vance is a Los Angeles born and raised violinist currently performing with The Dustbowl Revival. Additionally, Connor is a hobbyist photographer.

The AEA Sessions

AEA’s own recording series featuring our favorite artists.

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