The 44 Series: 5 Versions Of A Classic

The R44

The R44 is a ribbon mic whose great prestige and reputation is earned from decades of use in some of the finest studios and scoring stages in the world. The 44 Series features 5 unique variations on the AEA R44C, an exact reproduction of the RCA original. These variations incorporate modern components and improved design concepts to provide greater flexibility and versatility.


R44C: The Mic That Started It All

The R44C is an exact replica of the RCA 44 born from AEA’s years of experience with RCA repairs and a cache of new-old-stock ribbon material. All components are built to RCA specifications and the sonic quality is entirely true to the original. To record with an AEA R44C is to participate in the legacy of the most classic ribbon mic in music history.

R44CE: Cost Effective

In an effort to make the iconic sound of the R44C more affordable, AEA incorporated more cost effective exterior components that don’t compromise build quality or durability. It delivers precisely the same sound as the R44C and retains most of the iconic visual elements of the original.

R44CX: X-Motor

AEA developed the X-motor as a mechanical means of increasing the output of the R44C without active electronics. It comes equipped with a modified R44 transducer that includes two additional magnets, providing an extra 6db of output. It is visually distinguished from the R44C by a red logo badge on the transformer case.

R44CXE: X-Motor Cost Effective

This variation of the R44C incorporates the cost effective exterior components of the R44CE with the addition of the X-Motor for an additional 6dB of output. It is visually distinguished from the R44CE by a red logo badge on the transformer case.

A440: Active Ultra Premium

The active A440 is an ultra-premium version of the R44C. Complete with a custom Lehle transformer, RPQ JFET preamp electronics and the “X” motor hotrod, it is the quietest ribbon microphone ever manufactured. It retains the same sonic character of the passive R44C, but with an additional 18dB of output and greater flexibility with different preamps.

The R44 Series exemplifies AEA’s mission to combine quality ribbon sound with modern innovation. Each microphone in the R44 Series delivers the uncompromised sound of the original and adds unique features to expand the possibilities of what was already an outstanding musical tool.

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