Terri Winston / WAM, Kronos Quartet, Angelique Kidjo

Women’s Audio Mission‘s studio clients are incredibly diverse and the AEA R84 and N22 are in constant use. They get a ton of love here at WAM. From miking up loud guitar amps to string quartets to horn sections to delicate instruments like the Ethiopian krar or the Vietnamese đàn tranh.

The AEA R84 is brilliant in the traditional ribbon applications like brass, drum overheads and room mics, strings or when you want a vintage vibe. It’s so versatile.

The N22 was an amazing surprise, with a hint more top end, but smooth and more output it has been awesome on quieter instruments, acoustic guitars, but also guitar amps and even vocals. Both mics are total workhorses here. We rely on them to always deliver sonic awesomeness.”

– Terri Winston

Terri Winston is the Executive Director of Women’s Audio Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women in music production and the recording arts, and a former professor of Recording Arts at City College of San Francisco. Winston’s career spans 30 years as a major label recording artist (Polygram/BMG), songwriter, composer, recording engineer, and producer. Winston has shared the stage with such acts as P.J. Harvey, Pixies, Flaming Lips, and Fugazi and produced/engineered such notable projects as Kronos Quartet, Angelique Kidjo (2014 Grammy win) and an Academy Award-nominated soundtrack to the film Dirty Wars.
Don Zientara / Fugazi, Minor Threat

“[The N8s] are magnificent for guitar amps, vocals, brass, and stringed instruments! They have a good deal of top end, yet are never harsh. Smooth. Very smooth!”

Justin Pizzoferrato / Pixies, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.

“The RPQ500 lets my ribbon microphones be themselves without too much unwanted color and noise”

Steve Albini / Nirvana, Pixies, Breeders

“Whatever, these mics are terrific and I like them a lot.”