Robert Burger / Iron & Wine, Tin Hat Trio

“I’ve always been fond of ribbon microphones, and with the unusual, and archaic instruments I tend to play, often a traditional condenser microphone is not the right choice for me. My go-to for spot miking percussion and accordion is an R84, and my absolute favorite combo on my upright pianos, mallet instruments, and reed organs are an R88 with the RPQ.”

-Robert Burger

Robert Burger is a composer, musician, and music director. He studied classical piano performance at the University of Massachusetts and upon graduation formed the ‘Tin Hat Trio’. As a part of this band, he released four albums and collaborated with Tom Waits and Willie Nelson. Burger also has worked as a session musician and played with the likes of Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, and Iron & Wine. His compositions can also be seen in many films including the movie ‘Nebraska’.
Chris Eldrige / Punch Brothers, The Seldom Scene

“I’m loving the R84 – it’s such a great sounding mic! Music just sounds good through it.”

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