Mike Schuppan / M83, Paramore

“The R84 has become my goto ribbon mic for guitar amps, it pairs well with a 57 allowing me to get some extended lows without clouding it up with mud. On drums, at the very least I have one R84 as a POV and I love them for overheads.

I needed a unique sound for a short song in a film score I tried quite a few mic combos, The R84 on an “acoustic” guitar and vocal nailed the sound I was looking for.

I originally bought the 44’s because I was doing a string date with David Campbell and used them as mid rooms and love them. I’ve had the opportunity to put them up against some of LA’s finest RCA 44’s and in a blind test I preferred the AEA’s.

I’ve since made the 44 a staple in my bass amp setup. I’ll occasionally put it on a kick. I love it on a screaming guitar amp right in the middle of the cone.

These have become my desert island ribbons.”

– Mike Schuppan

Mike Schuppan is an American producer, mixing engineer and recording engineer, best known for his work with Paramore, M83, Jimmy Eat World and others. He has been the long time engineer for Justin Meldal-Johnsen working on many records with him. Mike has a private studio, Bronson Island in Hollywood, California.
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