Mark Rubel / The Blackbird Academy

“The AEA KU5A is a fantastic microphone! Original BK5A and B microphones are in abundance at Blackbird Studio and I’ve got a couple, and the KU5A carries on the tradition. As we often do here with RCA’s, it paired beautifully on electric guitar with a dynamic, though it sounds great by itself. It is also stellar on trumpet. I look forward to adding a KU5A to the arsenal!”

-Mark Rubel

Mark Rubel is the Co-Director of Education and Instructor at The Blackbird Academy, which is an intensive recording school at famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. Since 1980, Mark has worked with artists such as Alison Krauss, Jay Bennett, Ludacris, Hum, Adrian Belew, Melanie, Fall Out Boy, Duke Special, and many others.
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