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“The R84 is aces across the board with sound quality. Musically capturing exactly what I’m looking for and built like a tank! Rigged in the studio and out with modern recording mobile styles. ”

-Manny Nieto

Manny Felix Nieto has been keeping the pulse of LA’s underground music scene since 1997. Working exclusively under the moniker “Frances Miranda,” Manny has had the privilege to work with the most fucked up sounding bands in Los Angeles and beyond. Manny started his foray in music as the guitar player and lead singer of pioneering noise band, Distortion Felix. Manny’s unconventional, but intuitive and completely original, mic placement techniques are creating unique signature tones which have become a staple on the most exciting emerging underground records. After 10 years of developing his craft in LA’s eastside, 2007 saw Manny take his passion and knowledge of recording to the next level with the opening of his new studio. Only the good, the bad ass, and the ugly record there.
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