Kristian Nord / The Great Escape

“I love all the AEA mics! My Go-To for overheads is my pair of R84s. The range of frequency is amazing, so much low end and such smooth high end. First time I can push the overheads without the cymbals getting too harsh. The R84 is also great on vocals and guitars.

The R88 is a weapon: Great as overhead when I don’t want to care about the phase. I love it as a kit mic as well, it sounds like standing in the recording room right in front of the drums. I combination with the AEA pre-amp it’s even better.”

-Kristian Nord

Kristian Nord is a drummer of the band The Great Escape and the co-owner of Nordmeister, a music production team based in Venice Beach, California. They write and produce music for artists, commercials and film. Some of their clients include Volkswagen, Nike, Pepsi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Randy Jackson, Elton John, and many more.
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