Karl Latham

“AEA Microphones, specifically the N8 Stereo Pair, coupled with the RPQ2, give me the exact warmth, transparency and detail that I had been searching for!. Someday I hope to have every AEA product in my cabinet.”

– Karl Latham


 Karl Latham is a NY-based and internationally recognized drummer. He is known for his exceptional ability to dig into a variety of musical styles, playing straight-ahead jazz, avant-garde, funk, rock, Latin, and more. Karl is included in the Drummerworld Top 500 Drummers list and was nominated with Mark Egan and Ryan Carniaux for the BMW 2016 Welt Jazz Award. Karl is co-leader of Big Fun(K) with saxophonist/composer Don Braden and co leader with Ryan Carniaux and Mark Egan of the “2016 BMW Welt Jazz Award” nominated group “Constellations”. Karl was a member of the electric jazz jam group, Unit1, with Mark Egan and guitarist John Hart.
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