Julian Cisneros / RED Digital Cinema

“I’ve been working continuously with AEA for years now. I’ve recorded EVERYTHING with their mics and there’s truly something about them that blows other mic options out of the water. So much vibe, so much character. That said, I know that ‘Swiss Army Knife’ is a completely overused term, but in all reality, that term needs to be replaced with the title of any of AEA’s mics.”

– Julian Cisneros


Julian Cisneros is a Film/TV composer based in Los Angeles, California. Julian’s professional career began in 2010 composing music for iOS apps and progressed into working with a multitude of clients in both the corporate, film, and television industries. Some of Julian’s clients have included Disney, Lucasfilm, RED Digital Cinema, Warner Bros., Hasbro, Chris Burkard Studios, Patagonia, Vizio, Dolby Digital, Panasonic, and many more. Julian currently resides in Santa Clarita, California with his wife Briana, three-year-old daughter Ayla, and newborn son Jude
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