Josh Block / Leon Bridges

“There are very few pieces of equipment that can handle the amount of tasks I put the KU5A up against. And if that’s not enough, it handled all of them effortlessly with the perfect amount of clarity and enjoyable qualities. Playback was an enjoyable experience every time I went to check the results. The other thing that blows me away is its ability to handle so many tasks in a single production without giving you that ‘all tracked with one mic’ kind of outcome. I suspect that has to do with it not overwhelming your recording with more of the microphone’s character than the source it’s picking up. It’s a winner, hands down.”

“The KU4 is honest, exactly where it needs to be while retaining a euphoric quality that’s hard to replicate with anything else. It’s truly a great experience hearing anything through that microphone. I know I’ll be excited about the results every time I reach for it.”

-Josh Block

Watch Josh Block Perform Live with Leon Bridges on the Conan Show

Josh Block is an audio engineer, drummer, and producer based in Fort Worth, Texas. Famous for his work with Leon Bridges and White Denim, Josh runs his studio ‘Niles Sound’ with Austin Jenkins and Chris Vivion. The native Texans who make up Niles City are seasoned musicians, producers, and engineers with a fondness for old gear and big sounds. In 2014, they recorded and produced “Coming Home”, the Grammy-nominated debut from breakout soul artist Leon Bridges.

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