Jason Elgin / Jerry Lee Lewis, Collective Soul

“I’ve been using the R44, KU4 and R88 on every project. Cello, upright bass, vocals, acoustic guitar and drums. On cello the KU4 made the tone of the wood move completely forward without feeling heavy in the low mids. Tremendous detail. On vocals, acoustic guitar and upright bass I used the R44 exclusively and from top to bottom it gave me that brilliant unmistakeable sound! The top end is like diamonds and the bottom end like honey. Irreplaceable on acoustic instruments.

I love the R88 on drums. Whether as an overhead or room, it pretty much was the only mic we needed (aside from a kick mic for a little close sounding bottom end). The long ribbon design makes the mic sound huge. The aesthetics of the mic also make an impression on everyone performing. Beautiful mics.”

– Jason Elgin

Jason is a producer and engineer who works at Synchromesh Studios based out of Birmingham, Alabama. He has worked with many artist including Jerry Lee Lewis.
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