Jamie Mefford / Nathaniel Rateliff, Jamestown Revival

“At this point I’ve used most of the AEA microphones for both recording and live sound and each is beautiful in it’s own way. The R84A’s on horns and overheads consistently delivers it’s silky smooth tones that sit perfectly in a mix without much fuss. They are an important part of the sound for Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats both live and recording on the road. They have held up well to the abuses of a hard touring band, and deliver night after night. The A440 and KU4 have become two of my favorite recording microphones. Used on records with Gregory Alan Isakov and Jamestown Revival. They rarely get unplugged, but instead move around the room as tracking happens. They look and sound spectacular and have shaped the sound of many a track.”

-Jamie Mefford

Jamie Mefford is an established Producer and Front of House Engineer. He has worked with many acts including Nathaniel Rateliff, Gregory Alan Isakov, and Jamestown Revival.
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