Jacob LaCally / The California Honeydrops

“The 44 is easily my favorite mic for capturing a true representation of any instrument. I find that it has the ability to grab every detail of an entire drum kit without the need for any close mics. It delivers the smoothness and detail of a vocal in a very natural way and responds to EQ beautifully.

I should own at least three more of [the R92s]. I find the R92 incredibly useful on so many things from guitar amps to percussion and drum kits. I’ve also received an enormous amount of positive response from musicians and audience members when using it in a live setting on tenor saxophone and clarinet.”

The [R84A] has become my goto microphone for recording horns. I often track trumpet, sax, and trombone all together into one mic and the [R84A] gives me exactly what I want right off the bat. Position the players a little bit for the right balance and we’re recording classic horn sounds in no time. It is capable of handling high SPL so it makes sense on loud horn sections as well as bass drum and vocals. The [R84A] delivers rich mid-range tones along with a natural top end that gets neither harsh nor muddy.”

– Jacob Lacally

Jacob Lacally is a recording and mixing engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has worked with many artist including Blues Traveler, Bonnie Raitt, The California Honeydrops, Gary Clark Jr, The Mowgli’s, and Spin Doctors.
The California Honeydrops perform ‘The Long Way’ live at AEA
The California Honeydrops perform ‘One of Those People’ live at AEA
The California Honeydrops perform ‘Night Time is the Right Time’