Gus Borner / Pixar, Marvel, Deadpool

“We used the KU5A on cello spot on Deadpool 2’ orchestra sessions and loved it. Having a supercardioid ribbon like this opens a lot of new possibilities. You can now dig in but still get the characteristic ribbon sound.”

“I really like the high end [on the N8], almost like a condenser, didn’t have to reach the EQ on the RPQ immediately. Output is also nice and hot. Low end was also nice and tight. As a drum room is one special use. We also used as an Upright bass second mic a little farther away and it sounded great. Ribbon response but with high end.”

“I tried [the RPQ2] with an N8 on acoustic guitar. Presence in the 1-2k range due to the new output impedance on the new RPQ2 is great. New LED’s on the filters are awesome. DI sounded good on acoustic guitar. I like the feel of the new knobs. Overall I think it’s a great Mark 2 on a great pre to start with.”

-Gustavo Borner

Gustavo Borner is a Grammy-winning engineer and producer. He founded Igloo Music Studios, a company dedicated to production, film/television audio post-production, and ADR/voiceover work. Igloo has won a combined 19 Grammys and Latin Grammys in the 25 years since Borner founded the Studio. He lives and works in Burbank, CA.
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