Douglas Charles Showalter / Cam

“I really love the N22!  I used it in on the “Burning House” tour with Cam this past winter on my Supro Saturn Reverb, and the mic sounded incredible!  I was looking for something more dynamic to work with all the weird sounds I was making, and the N22 delivered night after night.

I love using the mic at my Nashville studio, Mt. Molehill, for electric and acoustic guitars. I’ve been able to capture a wide variety of tones and styles out my amps using the mic, and on acoustic guitar it’s a great pairing for both my vintage and modern instruments.  I can’t say enough great things about how much of a workhorse this mic has been in my studio, and I’m actually about to plug it in right now to do some recording for a session this afternoon.”

-Douglas Charles Showalter

Watch Cam with Douglas Charles Showalter perform ‘Affection/Gold Or Lead’

The incredible Cam performs “Affection/Gold or Lead” live while singing into an A440. Upright bassist Alex Balderston’s plucking is captured with an R92 while Doug Showalter’s backing vocals are recorded with an R84.

Video by Kristen Hilkert

Douglas Charles Showalter is the studio and touring guitarist for country music singer-songwriter, Cam.
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