Danny Blume / Elysian Fields, Iggy Pop

“I got my AEA R84 a few years ago and it immediately became indispensable. It is one of my top go-to mics for lead vocals, especially highly dynamic singers who can generate some harsh upper midrange in louder sections. It’s always a winner on guitar cabs and percussion. Wonderful for acoustic guitar in a sparse mix, violin is a nice sounding room, and bottom mic on upright bass. Then of course, trumpet and trombone are smoothe and happy with the 84. A couple inches above the bell facing down gets rid of blat and keeps it fat. If I were to lose this mic now I would probably cry. After crying I’d have to buy another one. Or better yet, two.”

– Danny Blume

Danny Blume is a New York based producer, engineer, and musician. He toured and recorded extensively with ‘Kid Creole and the Coconuts’ and later, Iggy Pop. He currently owns and operates Tonehenge studio in New York.
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