Colin Stetson / Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Tom Waits

“For close miking the bell and upper stack area, the KU4 is the best mic I’ve used on Bass and Baritone Sax. Also on Tenor and Alto, for that matter. But it really shines on the low horns, captures all the girth and richness of the tone without sacrificing any definition or clarity.

And the N8’s on clarinet is perfection. Warm, round, full low end, but not overly so. I know they were designed as a distance mic, but I’ve used them close up and was incredibly pleased with the results. And in conjunction with the RPQ preamp, it’s like it’s given a new dimension to all of my ribbon mics.”

-Colin Stetson

Colin Stetson is a highly accomplished saxophonist whose skills traverse many reed instruments and genres. Stetson has released a handful of albums, including the solo trilogy ‘New History Warfare’ as well as collaborated with the likes of Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, David Byrne, LCD Soundsystem, and Animal Collective.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad / A Tribe Called Quest

“This [KU4] will be a permanent part of my drum rig, so much that I’m considering buying a second KU4 to move around the studio for other applications.”

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