Cal Campbell

“The R92 has been one of my favorite work horses. I use it on everything from snare and electric guitar to vocals and percussion.

Putting an R88 up for the first time is kind of a life changing experience. I now use it as the foundation for all of my multi mic setups.

The KU4 is one of the most special mics I’ve used for vocals. It smoothes out any harshness while retaining it’s extended top end. It’s really satisfying mixing up any vocal tracked with this. It just sits right where it’s supposed to. Try it with the RPQ2 ribbon pre.

TheRPQ2 ribbon pre makes recording with ribbons (or any mic) extremely effortless. The detail that it captures along with the control you can command over the top end without adding harshness is exceptional. It has also found a permanent spot on my mix bus.”

– Cal Campbell

Drummer and producer Cal Campbell was literally born into the music industry. The son of legendary guitarist/singer, Glen Campbell, Cal’s musical passion didn’t begin with guitars as did his father’s; but rather his first musical passion was for playing the drums. Eventually, that passion spilled over into other musical instruments and his burgeoning musical curiosity became fixed and keenly focused on recording studios and the recording process.“I grew up watching my father record, and I was mesmerized by the whole process,” said Cal. “Watching the magic of capturing live, handmade music and preserving those moments forever sparked an obsession and a need to record music with anything and everything I could find.”  Around the time of Glen’s Alzheimers diagnosis, Cal decided to play drums on the road for his dad’s Goodbye Tour. The acclaimedGrammy winning and Oscar-nominated documentary Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me was filmed during this time. It went on to touch the lives of millions of people who have loved ones afflicted with Alzheimers and has helped to raise millions more in funding for research. Cal has since been recording with his sister Ashley Campbell for her debut album The Lonely One and has also been working on a project with DeanDeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots.
Chris Taylor / Grizzly Bear

“The R44 through the RPQ2 is one of my favorite chains lately. It sounds absolutely incredible…”

Darrell Thorp / Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney

“[The N8] has depth, detail, and bottom end for days. So much focus and tone from one phantom powered ribbon mic…”

Greg Curtis / The Bridge Recording

“What I like about the KU4s is that they are a rendition of the originals that leaves nothing to be desired.”

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