Brad Haehnel / Pixar, Life of Pi

“The R88 has become an indispensable tool in my mic collection. Rarely do I not use it on drum overheads and it is always somewhere in my orchestral brass setups.

Paired with RPQ500 I have plenty of gain and a range of harmonic options that really make this mic shine. As a fan of the Blumlein micing technique this mic makes placement quick and easy with perfect imaging.”

-Brad Haehnel

Brad Haehnel has worked within the pop and film world simultaneously; from his Grammy award-winning work with pop artist Nelly Furtado to his Oscar-award winning music mixes on Life of Pi. He has worked with most of the top film composers in Los Angeles and many pop artists as well. With over 150 films to his credit, he has most recently, worked on The Lego Movie, Ninjango, The Greatest Showman, Storks, Pete’s Dragon. As the founder of Noise Alchemy Studio based in Hollywood, Brad spends his off time developing independent artists and focusing on new recording methodology and interesting studio construction and technique.
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