Ben Tolliday / Lord Huron, Hozier

“The RPQ2 is my new go-to preamp for clean and true capture of acoustic instruments, and voiceover recordings. It excels with any low output ribbon or dynamic microphone, and the addition of DI, plus separate line output make it a perfect tool for splitting output signals and reamping.”

“The N8 has the wonderful natural sonic characteristics of a ribbon mic, with a very focused tone that captures acoustic instruments like no other mic I own. Whether it’s placed near or far from the sound source, there is a warmth imparted that is clear and true to the instrument.”

“The N22 is a clear winner on acoustic guitar. The smooth midrange and more open top end (compared with other ribbons) make it the perfect choice. On a male vocal, it was a really close call between the N22 and my Wagner U47. I was leaning towards the AEA N22, but the singer slightly preferred the U47 in a blind test.”

-Ben Tolliday

Ben Tolliday is an Australian musician and audio engineer. He studied cello at the Queensland Conservatory and is best known today for his work with Lord Huron, Wolfmother, and film scoring sessions. Tolliday lives and works in Los Angeles.
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